Permit/Inspection Scheduling

UPDATED MAY 15--Until further notice, Canton’s Building and Inspection Services Division offices are closed to the public. However, starting Monday, May 18, all inspections can be scheduled on the CAPS system.

Permit applications are being accepted via U.S. Mail, Fed Ex, UPS or our drop box for small envelopes located at the Administration Building entrance. Plans are being reviewed and permits issued once paid for either online or through one of the delivery methods previously mentioned. Please provide the minimum of the $40 admin fee for all permit submissions.

Plan reviews will be completed in the order received and as soon as possible. We are not able to estimate review times at this time. Use our online portal link below for plan review status checks. You will receive an email notification of permit approvals with outstanding fees or corrections to be made.

An online application submittal link in the side bar is available for concrete/paver flatwork and accessory structures under 200 s.f. (sheds)

Permits and approved plans will be e-mailed. Arrangements must be made with the building official to obtain approved plans larger than 11 x 17.

Canton thanks you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Canton’s Building and Inspection Services now offers Automated Permit Scheduling, available 24/7, with live representatives available 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

1)   Find your permit number, located in the top left corner of your permit.

2)   Dial 734/710-0356

3)   Press "1" to schedule an inspection
      Press "2" to cancel or reschedule an inspection
      Press "3" to obtain inspection results
      Press "0" to speak with a customer service representative

  1. Building
  2. Concrete/Roof/Sign/Fence
  3. Residential Rental Program

100 - Site /Area barricaded prior to construction/demolition

101 - Open hole inspection, demolition

102 - Footing inspection before concrete

103 - Basement backfill and drainage

105 - Garage floor before concrete

106 - Porch floor before concrete

107 - Concrete floor before concrete

108 - Concrete forms/flatwork before concrete

110 - Rough framing inspection/concealed fire stopping

111 - Rough fireplace-building

112 - Insulation inspection

114 - Fire rated wall/fire stopping inspection

116 - Masonry base flashing / moisture barrier inspection

117 - Commercial re-occupancy – Initial Inspection

118 - Building open ceiling

119 - Temporary final C of O (Building)

120 - Final Inspection/C of O (Building) * Also final inspection for pools, sheds, re-placement windows/doors, decks, porches, structures, re-occupancies and demolitions

130 - Vacant property/secure building (PSD)

  1. Electrical
  2. HVAC
  3. Plumbing

401 - Electrical service release

403 - Electrical underground

405 - Pool grounding inspection

407 - Electrical rough inspection

409 - Fire alarm rough

410 - Electrical open ceiling

415 - Re-connect inspection for furnace, AC and signs

419 - Temporary final electrical for stocking

420 - Final electrical

  1. Planning
  2. Engineering
  3. Fire Marshal

719 - Temporary final, landscaping w/bond

720 - Final landscaping