Trips offered through out 3rd party travel companies (Custom holidays & Travel Treasures) are currently postponed or cancelled.

The Travel companies are contacting indivduals that were registered via phone or email to inform participants of the status of their trip. If you have any questions and are unsure which travel company your trip is offered through, please contact Club 55+ at 734/394-5485 or

Club 55+ Trips

Club 55+ offers registration to a variety of trips throughout the year through our partnership with local travel agencies. Trips can range from day trips to overnight stays, within Michigan as well as venturing out of state. We offer casino trips, tours, plays and much more. 

Additional half day local trips are also offered through Canton Club 55+ or through out partnership with the DIA.  

For a full description of each trip, please visit our listings and search for the specific trip. You can also register for most trips through this link. Limited space available for all trips. If you require more information, please contact Club 55+.