Canton's Town Square at Cherry Hill Village

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The Canton Board of Trustees is committed to the revitalization of Cherry Hill Village. Through a combination of Township ARPA funds, insurance proceeds, park millage fund and existing fund balance, the Board committed $4,750,000 to the project, and Wayne County matched our contribution, for a total of $9,500,000 in community investment.

A critical component of this ambitious project is creating a framework for the continued development of what will become Canton’s Town Square at Cherry Hill Village. With Canton’s investment and public/private partnerships, this project is sure to attract private investment as well. The images below are conceptual drawings are not meant to represent the finished project exactly. Rather, they represent the possibilities of what could/should be developed in the area.

CHV_TS Project

The Canton Town Square project will feature a reimagined Village Square, a robust trail system for connectivity and convenience, arts and culture partnerships, additional public parking, renovation of the Village Arts Factory building, a new park on the Village Arts Factory Campus, Preservation Park improvements, year-round programming, wayfinding and more. The Canton Town Square at Cherry Hill Village will be a regional destination, and a gathering space for the entire community.  

This concept will be included in the overall Master Plan for the Township, as well as goals and objectives for the entire Cherry Hill Village area. You can learn more about Canton's Master Plan here.

Additionally, on April 13, a joint meeting of the Canton Board of Trustees, Planning Commission and the Master Plan Advisory Board was held at the Village Arts Factory. You can watch the presentation and discussion below.