Voting Information

Voter Registration

If you would like to know if you are registered to vote, please visit the Michigan Voter Information Center website. For voting locations, please visit the Canton Township Precinct Map (PDF) or the Voting Precinct Locations page.

Notice Regarding Your Residence Address

Michigan law requires that the same address be used for voter registration and driver license purposes. Therefore, if the residence address you provide on the voter registration form differs from the address shown on a driver license or personal identification card issued by the State of Michigan, the Secretary of State will automatically change your driver license or personal identification card address to match the residence address entered on the voter registration form.

If an address change is made, the Secretary of State will mail you an address update sticker for your driver license or personal identification card.

New Canton Residents / Change of Address

You can make your voter registration change at either the Clerk's Office or any Michigan Secretary of State Branch Office.

A Guide to Voter Identification at the Polls

By law, every Michigan voter must present picture identification at the polls, or sign an affidavit attesting that he or she is not in possession of picture identification.

Prepare for Election Day

Remember to bring an acceptable form of photo identification to the polls on Election Day. If you don't have photo ID you can still vote (see Voting Without Photo ID below).

Your photo ID does not need to have your address on it. In addition, the name on your identification card may be a shorter form of your name. For example, "Bill" for "William" and "Kathy" for "Katherine" are acceptable.

After showing your photo ID to the poll worker and signing the application, you may cast your ballot.

Voting Without Photo ID

If you do not have photo ID, you can still cast a ballot simply by signing an affidavit. The affidavit can be used by:

  • Voters who do not have acceptable photo ID
  • Voters who have photo ID but didn't bring it to the polls

Once you sign the affidavit, you may cast your ballot. It will be counted with all other ballots on Election Day.

Acceptable Forms of Identification

Acceptable forms of Identification include:

  • Drivers license or personal identification card
  • Federal or state governmental photo identification card
  • Military photo identification card
  • Student identification with photo from high school or an accredited institution of higher education
  • Tribal photo identification card
  • Valid U.S. passport or valid passport card

College Students

Under a new state law, the address on your driver's license must match the address on your voter registration record. Any address change submitted on your driver's license will automatically carry over to your voter identification card. This legislation particularly affects college students who often have their voter registration or driver's license changed to match their college address.

Students: please be aware that you can no longer use your college address on one (driver's license) if the other (voter registration) reflects your local residence; the addresses must match.