Automated Recycling


In the Spring of 2021, Canton launched an 8-week recycling cart inspection program called "Feet on the Street."  This program was funded by a grant from EGLE and The Recycling Partnership.  The goal of the program was to reduce the amount of contamination in curbside carts. 

Contamination occurs when non-recyclables are placed in carts and can include anything from food waste to plastic bags. Recycling loads with contamination are rejected from the recycling facility and sent to the landfill. By recycling correctly, residents can help extend the life of the landfill. Once the landfill fills up, Canton will have to haul waste to a further facility which will dramatically increase collection costs to residents. 

Thanks to this program, Canton was able to improve their contamination rate by 28%! To view results of the program, click on the link below:

Feet on the Street Program Results


All recyclables must be placed inside the cart, anything left on the side of the cart will not be picked up. Please note, carts are for recyclables only, yard waste will not be accepted inside the cart. Please continue to put yard waste in 32-gallon containers or paper yard waste bags.

All recycling carts are owned by Canton however homeowners will be responsible for the care of the cart. All reports of damage must be immediately reported to Green for Life (GFL) services at 844/464-3587. If the damage was caused by the collection vehicle or the operator, then GFL will replace the cart at no charge. If damage or theft is from any other cause, the resident will be responsible for replacement.

OPT OUT WAIVER - If you wish to opt out of the service you can download the waiver (PDF). Once completed please mail it or drop it off at Canton Public Works located at 4847 Sheldon Road, just south of Michigan Avenue. Once the waiver is completed, please allow two-weeks for collection of the cart. Since the carts are owned by the township, Canton will store the cart until the property changes ownership or the service is desired. Please note, waiving this service WILL NOT reduce the annual fee. Residents who do opt out are welcome to bring recyclables (during Canton Clean-up) to the GFL facility on Van Born Road.

  1. Acceptable Items
  2. Unacceptable Items

Please make sure all items are empty and rinsed of any food residue before placing in the cart.

  • Household Plastics #1 through #7 (empty containers only)
  • Newspaper, Magazines and Catalogs (remove bags, strings and rubber bands)
  • Paper Milk or Juice Cartons (empty cartons only)
  • Junk Mail and Office Paper
  • Cardboard and Paper Bags (flatten cardboard and cut into pieces. All cardboard must be placed in the cart.  Anything outside of the cart will not be accepted.  No wax coated paperboard)
  • Non-wax Coated Paperboard (if you're not sure if the paperboard is wax coated, run your finger nail down the side of the box. If wax comes off it can NOT go inside the cart)
  • Phone Books
  • Aluminum, Steel and Tin Cans (empty cans only)
  • Clear and Colored Glass (empty containers only)