Online Payments

Pay Connexion℠

You may pay your water bill through our online service with Chase Bank's Pay Connexion℠. Enter your water account number to look up your account and schedule your payment. Payments can be made the same day or scheduled for a later date. Payments must be made before 4:30 pm to be credited to your account for that date.

When using the Pay Connexion system, be sure your bank routing number and account number are correct. Incorrect numbers may result in your payment being returned by the bank clearing house and a $25 returned item fee charged to your account.

Night Deposit Box

A night deposit box for your water bill payment is located on the southeast side of the Canton Administration Building, 1150 South Canton Center Road.

Bill Payment Online

Welcome to the Canton Township online Water Bill payment option. To begin, please have your most recent billing statement available. You will be asked to enter your six digit water billing account number.

If this is your first time using the payment system, you can either become an unregistered or self registered user on JPMorgan's site. The advantage of becoming a self registered user is that the payment site allows you to store your bank account and billing information securely for future use. It also allows you to edit and view your payments, which could not be done as an unregistered user.

We accept eCheck payments from checking or savings accounts. We also accept credit card payments from Master Card or Visa. A convenience fee of $3.95 will be added to payments made with your credit card. eCheck and credit card payments are accepted only as a conditional payment. If not honored by a bank, the water bill is unpaid and subject to unpaid penalties. After entering your account information on this web page, you will be transferred over to JPMorgan's site. Your payment will be processed directly with JPMorgan Chase over a secure connection. Transactions may take up to two business days for your account balance to be updated online for viewing in your account history.

This site will work with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox. Some versions of the Mac and Safari are unable to view page content correctly.

Account Lookup
Please be patient while the page loads.

Required Browser Security Setting Update
On April 14th, our payment provider, Chase Pay Connexion, is instigating a security change to better protect your account information. Please ensure that your internet security settings are set to TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.2 before proceeding. The following link will provide detailed instructions on how to change the settings depending upon which browser you are using. Learn how to update your browser security settings for TLS 1.2.

Also, please allow pop-ups from the Canton Township website and Chase Pay Connexion. For Google Chrome users, please visit Google Support for help on managing your pop-ups in Google Chrome.